Brioche-some to eat, some to keep

There is a lovely bakery in s.f called Tartine. They have a cookbook, everyone who wants to know how to bake bread should buy it.
One of the recipes for deliciousness is the brioche dough. Yesterday I tried it out and might add that I was rather successful.

I used 14 eggs!!! And a pound of butter. Yummy?

Mixing it all together!!!!

Adorable little brioche tins–find at Sur La Table: letting the brioche rise in order to allow it to develop an airy texture

All done!!

The coolest thing about brioche is that you can freeze the dough and remove it the night before to thaw in the fridge.
Anyone else ever tried homemade brioche?


3 responses to “Brioche-some to eat, some to keep

  1. “Brioche-some to eat, some to keep”
    dearest Fifi… how’bout ‘some to SHARE’ ??!!!!
    your mimi would LOVE some :)))
    next time??? :)))

  2. Where is the recipe?

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