Thankful for….

Yesterday was thanksgiving but that doesn’t mean I am restricted from being thankful for my life today.

Turkeys (that I raised and that we eat:ate)

Home. A place to be

All my animals

Not worrying about where I will sleep at night

Kinship that I have never known possible until I got 0ne…and another


Gaining knowledge from a great education

Involved parents

Volunteering at a worthwhile place Green Hill Therapy

Interest in the world around me

Not having to drive places to take a ride

Getting the most from life
what are you thankful for?


One response to “Thankful for….

  1. i’m thankful for my precious family!! having them nearby for the first time is a bit of heaven on earth :)) getting to share family/favorite recipes, help with mending or gardening or farmers’ market or walking the fields and watching the hens or turkeys or sheep or horses together :))) delightful!
    listening to the bird-songs, watching the sunset, watching my girls ride… getting to giggle and laugh often or cry (only once in a while) and seeing the kitties play and reading my granddaughter’s blog… and the wonderful family dinners they all help prepare… and knowing our Lord God is smiling and loving watching us too… SO much to be thankful for! grateful for health and home and family and friends and deep faith… cannot ask for more, and it surely helps with the rest of daily living!

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