Christmas turkeys and beginnings of fame!

Just picked up the rest of my 2012 certified organic turkeys! Place your orders because I am already halfway sold out! Whole turkeys are 5$/ lb and pieces ( breast, thigh, legs 6$).

Also, check out the article published by the Courrier-Journal on my business!”>a href=”http://a href=”″>


5 responses to “Christmas turkeys and beginnings of fame!

  1. Great article, FiFi! Loving your eggs. Hope to see you soon!

  2. Congratulations Sophia on your award and newspaper article…
    wow! all of you have done and accomplished so much in this past year…
    Prayers and Blessings as you continue to stretch and grow thru out life!

  3. Sophia! I knew those chickens would be world famous! Just read the CJ article. So glad that folks are recognizing what a unique, gifted, beautiful brainiac is pampering all of us with such superior eating. You are a wonderful example of the VERY good side of your generation. Love to your family and Merry Christmas. The Lord has brought you all through an adventurous year and caused you to land of your feet and keep running toward His special plan for your lives. It’s all going to be even more than your very creative minds can imagine. Blessings. Marti Brown

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