Help! Who’s an expert yogurt maker?!

Help someone! SOS in the kitchen!
This lovely Sunday morning I was inspired to try to make my own yogurt but I think it’s not working. When heating the milk to 185f the milk stuck all together and looks like melty mozzerella! Anyone have a solution?!
Check out picture below:



4 responses to “Help! Who’s an expert yogurt maker?!

  1. Looks like your milk just formed a skin. Heat the milk slowly and keep stirring often. Keep a thermometer in the milk. Once it’s up to temp, put the pot in an ice bath in the sink, or else you will wait forever for it to cool down. Stir in your starter and place in your container of choice. Regulate temp and 6-8 hrs later, you have yogurt!

  2. Hard to tell from the small picture, but you may have curdled the milk. You need to heat it slowly and stir constantly.

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