NAWBO Bootcamp

Yesterday was a great day. Educational. Inspirational. Advice-ful. Amazing.

I spent the whole day talking to different small business owners in the Louisville area, and through talking with each one of them I was able to create a path for my business in the coming year. A shout-out to all of them, they were incredible.

Check out their websites, and become aware of some amazing small businesses here:

Kate Bringardner– she helped me to become aware of my body language, and develop an elevator pitch

Tendai Charasika-helped me to realize that before you put effort and $$ into something RESEARCH IT! and he recommended these books so make sure you check them out too: How to Build a Startup by Steve Blank and The Lean Startup by Eric Ries

Marissa Neal-told me about LinkedIN and helps people to navigate governement grants and helps you to find the money!

Patricia Kennedy– has a 24/7 Animal Hospital and applauded me in my organic ventures as well as encouraged me to educate people about what organic means

Denise Spalding– told me an amazing story of how she built up her business and helped me to realize that I need to create a more recognizable brand label, and that since I’m moving farther from eggs and into meat and herbs, to make sure the label focuses on that

Kelly Ramsey-encouraged me to not be conventional in my business style and guys, you need to check out her chocolates (she explained the process of making them-wow is all I can say)

thank you so much to all of you!


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