“Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs Turn Up Again In Turkey Meat” -NPR

Sorry to everyone about not having posted in awhile….school is a whirlwind right now.

Anyways…yesterday on NPR I was listening to a very fascinating program on Antibiotic resistant bacteria in poultry and meat raised conventionally and given antiobiotics. Read or listen to it here! More and more studies are coming out that parallel this one—further proof of why it is important to buy Certified Organic, and local! And I will reiterate again that it is not snobby, or “foodies”, or “health gurus” who just buy organic, but people who care about taking care of themselves, their family, and the world.

I would love to hear some of your opinions on this growing debate; post below:

What do you feel are the biggest challenges to buying organic?

Why do you choose to buy organic/not buy organic?

which would you rather eat?


credit: Eggs&Herbs chickens


Credit: Alive2U


One response to ““Antibiotic-Resistant Bugs Turn Up Again In Turkey Meat” -NPR

  1. the extra price is a huge deterrent
    but the taste/flavor, and freshness is wonderful!
    besides, i know the producer 🙂

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