I just finished up my interview with the Youth Philanthropy Council; update in August if I get accepted or not!

Anyways, I came out of the interview with a renewed sense of commitment to sustainability, to giving back to a community that has provided me with so many opportunities, and to make it a theme in my life and in my business to strive to uplift people around me. The mission of this organization is to instill a sense of philanthropy in young people, something that needs to be stressed just as much if not more than good grades and outstanding test scores. Even just this limited interaction with LYPC, as well as the social entrepreneurs I met at GSE, have cemented a commitment for social entrepreneurship within me.

And all of you as consumers can do your part too: make sure you are supporting local, sustainable businesses as this is what the future and next generation of business in America, and around the world, needs to be based on.


One response to “LYPC

  1. good entry! would you please elaborate on ‘social entrepreneurship’ ??
    thanks đŸ™‚

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