Eggs from real hens and a real farm come in all shapes and sizes.

The best thing is that each different egg is beautiful and delicious, a perfect dome of nutrients and vitamins.

Remember that the world comes in all shapes and sizes and colors. And embrace that diversity.


2 responses to “Diversity

  1. Okay, here Iam ANTIQUE GODDESS from INSTAGRAM also know as LA CONTESSA!I had a shop called HEN HOUSE!I have signed up for your posts……..I hope you will do the same!My real name is ELIZABETH like the QUEEN!I’m 54 this year in July……..and still want a few sheep in my LIFE!

  2. PS.My real Italian husband has always made eggs for dinner in tomato sauce!But we pan fry it I have never baked them !I will try your recipe as I love how simple it is to do!We too have a few chickens and one rooster…..

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