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Heifer International

Charity and nonprofits are a quintessential part of today’s society and it’s a social norm to donate time and money to philanthropy. Many organizations are for show, but others do some really great work. One of my favorite charities is the Heifer International Charity, as it allows people to donate animals to needy families all over the world. It’s like the saying “give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for life”. I fully believe in self-empowerment, but sometimes we all need a little boost on our way to making our lives and the world a better place.
One of my CAS projects for IB was to start a school garden (✔️) and to sell handmade recycled burlap coasters to raise money to donate animals through this organization. I decided on purchasing a baby flock of chicks, because I hope that some little girl in a country I’ve never been to can receive them and that they can transform her life just as my first flock did mine.
With valentine’s coming up, and really any celebration, you can donate animals in someone’s name so this also makes a great gift. Next time you are wondering which organization to support, add Heifer International to your list, and you will be giving a family an opportunity to change their life.




adventures in the snow! ❄️❄️❄️

This winter has been a very cold and wet one. While you may complain (because who doesn’t want summer?) it is important that winter acts as winter should. If it doesn’t do its job, then the bug problems and tick infestations will be horrendous come summer (no one wants that) and the water reserves will dry up leading to brown grass an parched earth. So actually this winter is just what we need.
Anyways, the chickens find it amusing too… Below are some photos of them frolicking about.


Unfortunately, the cold and shorter days means that I don’t have many eggs….

Versus winter


Inspection: ✅

As a part of our food safety plan, FOWL is required to undergo surprise inspections to guarantee that we adhere to strict food safety measures. We passed with flying colors; the inspector even remarked that our eggs were some of the nicest quality he has ever seen!!!
Look for our fresh pullet eggs coming this spring (a rarity)


The Last Fig

I used to not really enjoy figs (except in fig newtons of course)… I think it is rather a grown up taste.
Last winter that all changed: I had a chewy, sweet dried fig covered in chocolate (maybe the key to liking anything is dunking it in chocolate?). So naturally I was looking forward to making them myself… But unfortunately the turkeys found the fig trees before me and this was all that was left


Love our farmers

I saw this while walking today

It brings up a good point. We need our farmers in order to survive. Who else grows all the food that eventually ends up on our table? Our farmers. And yet so many people disregard this profession and look down on the very people that help us live. So stop and think about where your food is coming.

Would you rather buy local and support the farmers in your community or buy conventional and give your hard earned money to mass farms? Think.

And thank your farmers for all the hard work they go through to be able to provide food for you.

Freedom Run Chicken FOR SALE

I am happy to announce that after several months of telling customers we are sold out of chicken that they now can purchase the latest, and I must happily confess fattest, FRF birds.
Contact me at 312-912-2929 if you are interested. They are soy free and certified organic



An Egg Tells All..


What type of egg are you??