2014 = The Year of the Family Farm

2014 = The Year of the Family Farm

Here is a shout out to the millions of family farms all over the world, the backbone of food systems world wide. 2014 has been declared the International Year of Family Farming so make it part of your New Year’s Resolution to support local farms in your areas. To do this, join a CSA (community supported agriculture), shop weekly at local farmers’ markets, and look for signs highlighting local farms at stores like Whole Foods and Earth Fare. Without our farmers we would not have food on our table, so make sure to thank them by supporting them with your conscientious purchases. Happy 2014!


Inspection: ✅

As a part of our food safety plan, FOWL is required to undergo surprise inspections to guarantee that we adhere to strict food safety measures. We passed with flying colors; the inspector even remarked that our eggs were some of the nicest quality he has ever seen!!!
Look for our fresh pullet eggs coming this spring (a rarity)


Coming Home

….aka coming back to the ville.

Sometimes life throws you for a loop and you feel like your on the worst roller coaster ever and can never pause long enough the make sense of all the events rushing by. But all things must end so soon you start to understand and make sense of your new surroundings. You might not feel comfortable, or at home, but slowly you adapt and perhaps even come to love the new phase of life you’ve entered.
And when you leave, you know you’ve found your new home when you are content to come back.



Sometimes, somehow a few seeds get in a part of the garden that they weren’t intended to be in. And then they grow and they look unidentifiable but you still let them grow. And then one day you decide to pull them out because it’s time to replant for the fall garden. And you discover luscious, crunchy, gigantic turnips

Yes that’s my dog for comparison.

Your Thanksgiving Bird


Order your premium heritage certified organic soy free turkey today!! They are almost all sold out so don’t miss out on this delicious opportunity!

Fresh air activates the appetite

Toast a thick slice of your favorite hearty bread (for me it’s my mama’s). Add thinly sliced cheese while it’s still warm, the last of the summer basil, and leftover steak from your organic cows. Bon Appetit!

Preserving Peppers

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful cottage situated in the mountains of Italy… Hanging from wooden beams are braided garlic and onions, bouquets of drying herbs, and peppers handing on a string.
Sometimes we can’t exactly escape to our imaginations but we can find inspiration within them:

Here are the last of Freedom Run Farm’s beautiful and delicious heirloom peppers drying in our kitchen, waiting to be used in hearty winter dishes, to remind us of the summers that are yet to come.