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Heifer International

Charity and nonprofits are a quintessential part of today’s society and it’s a social norm to donate time and money to philanthropy. Many organizations are for show, but others do some really great work. One of my favorite charities is the Heifer International Charity, as it allows people to donate animals to needy families all over the world. It’s like the saying “give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for life”. I fully believe in self-empowerment, but sometimes we all need a little boost on our way to making our lives and the world a better place.
One of my CAS projects for IB was to start a school garden (✔️) and to sell handmade recycled burlap coasters to raise money to donate animals through this organization. I decided on purchasing a baby flock of chicks, because I hope that some little girl in a country I’ve never been to can receive them and that they can transform her life just as my first flock did mine.
With valentine’s coming up, and really any celebration, you can donate animals in someone’s name so this also makes a great gift. Next time you are wondering which organization to support, add Heifer International to your list, and you will be giving a family an opportunity to change their life.




The Last Fig

I used to not really enjoy figs (except in fig newtons of course)… I think it is rather a grown up taste.
Last winter that all changed: I had a chewy, sweet dried fig covered in chocolate (maybe the key to liking anything is dunking it in chocolate?). So naturally I was looking forward to making them myself… But unfortunately the turkeys found the fig trees before me and this was all that was left


Today on the menu…

… Lady bugs and heirloom salad!!!
Even when your day sucks there can be some happiness


…and not a creature was stirring

The wind howled across the snow-kissed plains.
The puddles turned to translucent mirrors.

Safe were the animals

Warm in their beds


I guess snow at Christmas time can bring out the poet in anyone.

Anyways it was the perfect morning for snuggle time, whether in the straw bales or gypsy wagon. Or by the fire drinking tea and making cookies.

Thankful for….

Yesterday was thanksgiving but that doesn’t mean I am restricted from being thankful for my life today.

Turkeys (that I raised and that we eat:ate)

Home. A place to be

All my animals

Not worrying about where I will sleep at night

Kinship that I have never known possible until I got 0ne…and another


Gaining knowledge from a great education

Involved parents

Volunteering at a worthwhile place Green Hill Therapy

Interest in the world around me

Not having to drive places to take a ride

Getting the most from life
what are you thankful for?


Cat in Trash



Sometimes you have that one special pet (or many) in your life that can remind you of so many things; how it’s been with you through hard times, made you laugh, and will be with you every step of the way (until it dies at least and that isn’t a comforting thought so we will nix that one). Thank you sweet Izzy, my very first hen. We have had her for 5 years now but we guesstimate that her real age is between 9-12 years old! Isn’t she adorable?