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TV Special!!

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday bundled up inside drinking hot cocoa!!
As I wrote about before, Jean West Medical Digest filmed a segment on our farm in which I explained the process of raising poultry and why choosing organic products is the healthiest way to live. That segment will air again tonight on WAVE-3 (NBC) so I hope you tune in to watch! If you do, I would love to hear your thoughts on organic farming and organic lifestyle.


Coming Home

….aka coming back to the ville.

Sometimes life throws you for a loop and you feel like your on the worst roller coaster ever and can never pause long enough the make sense of all the events rushing by. But all things must end so soon you start to understand and make sense of your new surroundings. You might not feel comfortable, or at home, but slowly you adapt and perhaps even come to love the new phase of life you’ve entered.
And when you leave, you know you’ve found your new home when you are content to come back.


Your Thanksgiving Bird


Order your premium heritage certified organic soy free turkey today!! They are almost all sold out so don’t miss out on this delicious opportunity!

Freedom Run Chicken FOR SALE

I am happy to announce that after several months of telling customers we are sold out of chicken that they now can purchase the latest, and I must happily confess fattest, FRF birds.
Contact me at 312-912-2929 if you are interested. They are soy free and certified organic


A Big Thank you

I know I haven’t blogged in a while, and I sincerely apologize. While it is no excuse that the start of senior year has been busy at school and on the farm, it sincerely has.

However, I want to give a big shout out and thank you to all my customers. Because of your support and commitment to FOWL I have had a constant demand at both Rainbow Blossom and Harvest, as well as direct orders for eggs. I am so happy and excited to announce that for the first time I have had a constant demand that my supply cannot meet!! Therefore, look for updates on the new chickies I will be ordering to meet this growing demand.
What is your favorite type of chicken?
Any good egg recipes I should try??

P.s. I promise I will be blogging more consistently in the future— keep a lookout for fun posts on the turkeys, lamb, and our own new batch of baby chickies bred naturally at Freedom Run Farm!!

A harvest for Harvest

As you may know Harvest, a lovely and delicious restaurant in NULU uses my eggs in their cooking. Now they are using our delicious heirloom tomatoes!!! Please make sure to have lunch or dinner there as it supports their restaurant and sustains their philosophy of using local farmers to build their menu



I just finished up my interview with the Youth Philanthropy Council; update in August if I get accepted or not!

Anyways, I came out of the interview with a renewed sense of commitment to sustainability, to giving back to a community that has provided me with so many opportunities, and to make it a theme in my life and in my business to strive to uplift people around me. The mission of this organization is to instill a sense of philanthropy in young people, something that needs to be stressed just as much if not more than good grades and outstanding test scores. Even just this limited interaction with LYPC, as well as the social entrepreneurs I met at GSE, have cemented a commitment for social entrepreneurship within me.

And all of you as consumers can do your part too: make sure you are supporting local, sustainable businesses as this is what the future and next generation of business in America, and around the world, needs to be based on.